Razor Sharp Salon Wear fuses modern designs with traditional quality, transforming the plain, classic hair cutting cape with an upscale makeover.

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Sally Hershberger uses Razor Sharp Salon Wear Capes in her platform show for Behind the Chair Magazine.

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Cutting Cape Monogrammed for Hair Stylist
Salon Cape Custom Multicolored Skull Barber/Stylist
Salon Stylist Cutting Cape Barber True Love Birds
Cutting Cape- Bride
Cutting Cape Biker Ed Hardy Inspired Barber/Stylist
Salon Cutting Cape with Fleur De Lys Detail
Salon Hair Cutting Cape Barber or Stylist: WINGED SHEARS
Salon Cape Love
Custom Hair Cutting Cape Birds
Custom Barber Salon Cape
Custom Salon Cutting Cape- Stripe
Hair Salon Cape With Skull
Hair Cutting Cape Salon Stylist Barber Headdress
These cute salon capes are not the plastic kind of hair salon cape, nor are they the deluxe model hair cutting cape. You will be happy with the quality of these- they are a mid-grade hair salon cutting capes that are about 60" in length and close with snaps. You can add stylist name or hair salon logo to your salon cape. Contact us for more information about logo printing!

Razor Sharp Salon Wear hair salon capes keep hair off of your clients in style, and also protect your client's clothing from water and other debris.

Our capes are available in black, but can be special ordered in a number of different colors including red, pink, purple, cocoa and many more. Please contact us to inquire about matching your cutting capes to your salon theme. We offer capes for hair salons that are sixty inches in length, and are what I would consider to be a medium quality. Some salon capes are plastic and some are super nice and deluxe. In order to keep quality up and cost down, we went with the mid-quality that are neither plastic or deluxe. They are meant to be something that you would use just to be different. Sometimes, variety is just a lot of fun. Our capes are not meant to change your life or to replace your deluxe items- they are just meant to be something fun that you can use for a really long time.
The capes are bought in bulk from a salonwear manufacturer and they are stitched with superior industrial skill and quality. Razor Sharp Salon Wear puts a fun and trendy twist on them by adding colors and stripes, names and logos to them to jazz them up. We have been doing this for many years and have been very successful with our client satisfaction.