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Sally Hershberger uses capes made by Razor Sharp Salon Wear in her platform show at Chicago Theatre for Behind the Chair Magazine.

The most successful professional hair stylists, beauty salons and spas know the importance of successful marketing for their brand. Whether the stylist or salon is famous worldwide like Paul Mitchell, or they are the most successful locally, they know that their salon clientele is depending on them to deliver on promises. These success stories have been consistent at clearly communicating their promises to their hair salon customers, and they have delivered on those promises. That's how they made it to the top. As a professional stylist, your brand is your promise to your hair salon clientele- you build credibility by keeping your word. If you live your brand and keep your promises to your clients, you are well on your way to creating credibility among your customers. Both locally and globally, the best known hair stylists and hair salons might not be the very best in their field, but they certainly know how to represent themselves to someone looking for a good hair stylist. A good example of the power of successful branding is the Kardashians. Love em or hate em, you know who they are. They are not famous and insanely wealthy because they are great at something. They are famous and insanely wealthy because they know how to brand themselves. They know how to brand themselves and they know how to create a strong personal image. You might not be the best colorist or stylist, so if you aren't- then don't brand yourself that way. You might be the best listener or the best at updos. Find your strength and capitalize on that. The Kardashians don't say, "Watch us because we are the best at playing the trumpet. They say, "Watch us because we are the best at being who we are." In the case of Razor Sharp Salon Wear, we brand ourselves as being cute, fun and and practical. We don't claim to be the most waterproof or stain-proof. We are your favorite cute jacket that you wear on a spring day. We are not the down jacket that you wear on the ski slopes. Make Sense? Building a successful hair salon brand and professional hair stylist image is about distinguishing yourself by setting yourself apart by creating an image and reputation that people can trust. It's about serving your salon clientele with the best of the true, authentic you. Your professional salon image is a combination of what you say, how you say it, your behavior, body language, grooming and the way you dress. You want to communicate your personal brand logo in everything you do. You need to make sure that your written communication, including business cards and emails include your salon logo or personal signature. Also, you need to make sure that your actions, clothing and body language reflect your brand. Having a brand logo as a salon or professional hair stylist means that you know who you are and what you stand for. Your logo must be authentic to what you stand for because the public will be able to see it if you aren't. When it comes to a logo style that reflects your personal brand image, your goal is to wear clothing that feel good and allow you to visually express your brand. Razor Sharp Salon Wear is passionate about helping you achieve your salon logo printing and personal hair stylist image goals. Your salon logo represents your promise to your salon client- and we take that seriously.

We take the time and care to make certain that your salon logo is printed with the proper colors, techniques and alignment on your salon items- whether that's a tshirt, toolbelt, stylist apron or salon cape.

You are not just a faceless customer to us. We feel that you are our kindred spirits.

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