Custom Logo Salon Capes and Custom Logo Salon Aprons for Hair Stylists and Hair Salons.

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Sally Hershberger uses capes made by Razor Sharp Salon Wear in her platform show at Chicago Theatre for Behind the Chair Magazine.

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all hair stylist aprons are water and stain proof.



An apron is a necessary tool for a hairdresser.

You don't have to sacrifice style for functionality! Hello, I'm Melissa with Razor Sharp Salon Wear, and I would like to talk to you today about what our aprons are made of.

We offer two types of amazingly cute hair stylist aprons that are customizeable for your personality and style

. One style is called the Classic Collection. This is the Nylon apron that you are already buying at the Beauty Supply Store- not the plastic kind, but the nice fabric kind that you like. These salon aprons have two snaps, they have a pocket on each side and they sometimes have a pocket up top. What we do with these stylist aprons is we buy them from the Beauty Supply warehouses at bulk discount prices, and we sell them to you at a decent price after we bedazzle them for you. We put a ribbon stripe on it, we add your name or salon logo with heat applied graphics- whatever you like!

The other kind of salon apron we offer is our Razor Sharp Salon Wear brand. These are the kinds of aprons that I started making for myself and the girls in my salon that I developed when I was selling them door to door. They are shorter than most, lightweight and flirty aprons and they are what we like to call, "Party In the Front, Business in the Back". They are made of two pieces. What that means, is that they are lightweight, fun, flirty fabrics in the front. And in the back, they are the same exact nylon fabric that the ones from the Beauty Supply are made of. We combine them so that you can have the best of both worlds- cute + quality= Razor Sharp Salon Wear.