stylist apron and salon cape sets

Save with the hair salon apron and matching cape sets from Razor Sharp Salon Wear.

Our Hair Stylist Aprons and Capes are a great option for a hairstylist gift.

The sets are grouped by pattern such as Zebra, Big Dot, Orleans and many more. Each cape is pictured with many aprons. In the drop down menu, choose the LETTER that corresponds with the picture of the apron that you would like to order. Use the drop down menu to choose your personalization preferences. Buying the apron and cape set together saves money compared to buying them individually.
A salon apron is a utilitarian garment worn by hairstylists to keep hair off of them and to keep splashing water off of them. A stylist apron usually has a pocket to provide a place for tools and has an adjustable neck strap to ensure a proper fit. The cape is designed to keep hair and water off of your client's clothing. The cape can be fastened with a number of snaps at the neck and can be adjusted to accommodate all neck sizes. Razor Sharp aprons and capes are different from other brands because they are made in America, they come with a lifetime warranty, they are quality and durable construction that you can rely on. Customize your aprons and cape sets with stylist name, salon logo or other adornments. Our capes can be modified with decorative stripe and come in a variety of colors.
When you purchase Razor Sharp Salon Wear apron and cape set, you save money. When you are shopping, you might want to purchase each item separately, but buying as a set decreases the cost for you, the consumer. These hair salon aprons and cutting cape sets make great gifts for hairdressers. They could be given for birthday, Christmas - or other religious holiday where gifts are given, beauty school graduation, starting beauty school, a sweet thank you or just for a thoughtful surprise.

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